Why Have an Expert Write Your Resume?
20/10/2012 1:41:54 CH
 Busy hiring professionals must quickly screen out hundreds (sometimes thousands) of resumes. The few that survive the initial 15-second screening process will then be subjected to a more careful scrutiny before valuable time is invested in an interview.

Dramatically increase your resume response rate

A professionally written resume can dramatically increase your response rate — and substantially shorten your job-search time. Landing a job is 70% presentation and 30% actual skills and abilities. In fact, the candidate who gets the job is not always the most qualified; rather, the candidate with the best presentation will get hired.

We know what employers want, and in the hands of our expert writers, your resume becomes a powerful marketing tool that skillfully conveys the nuances and details necessary to reaching your goals.

Industry-leading experts advocating for you

To ensure your resume gets the attention you deserve, we will:

§         Determine what information should be emphasized — what should be included or eliminated — based upon your unique circumstances, background, and goals.

§         Identify keywords and phrasing strategies critical to your resume being selected by both hiring professionals and computer screening systems.

§         Minimize or even eliminate information that results in resumes being screened out. We know a seemingly small oversight is all it takes to miss an opportunity. Write a high-impact, job-winning resume

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